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Dear Friends, Thanks for your appreciation and encouraging comments. If my work can touch your heart and add value to your life, I will have succeeded in my aim to make a trivial contribution towards 'sadaqaa-e-jaria'.

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Kind Regards. Shama Butt

Email Website Jul. 13, 2017

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Email May. 20, 2017

Mrs Munawar Beig

Shama i went through your website. masha allah it is beautifully done. you have spent time covering history of friends,family and country, remembering old memories and of course staff friends,who have lost their life but were so dear to you. May Allah
swt give u happiness an fulfill your dreams. Ameen

Email Website Sep. 28, 2016


A interesting site.

Email Website Sep. 2, 2016


Boa! Eu posso descobri muitas coisas novas a partir do seu site.

Email Website Aug. 6, 2016


Thanks for your sharing! I discovered many new things from your website.

Email Jul. 12, 2016

Fadhil Khan

Khalla your poetry has moved me greatly!

Email Jun. 3, 2015


Hi miss, this is Mona, ur ex-student from Aga Khan. I have very fond memories of you. I just wanted to tell you ur website is truly amazing. Loved the old song ur dear mum used to like-'savan ke bhadhalo'-really beautiful. The recipes are very good - I
will try them. glad u retired - you have worked very hard in your life. God bless

Email Feb. 27, 2015

Mrs Nina Rebeiro

Thank you for the lovely thought and for the excellent poems!! Hope you and your family are all well. Fond Regards. Nina

Email Feb. 14, 2015


loved reading ur trip to pakistan with ur family and the lovely song ur mum liked 'savan ke badhlo' beautiful.....god bless u student - mona

Email Jan. 11, 2015


Yasmin Kara (Mombasa) 10th Jan 2015
Mehboob, see Madam Butt's website.Do share with your FB friends so that they can all read parts of her life experiences.As one would guess she is a simply wonderful, wonderful person.She has in the short time that
I have known her, brought so much happiness and peace to us-during our difficult time while Nimra was unwell.Pray for her happiness,health and continued strength to light a candle in every corner where darkness threatens. You may communicate with her and also
enjoy the pleasant kindness that she shares with all.

Email Oct. 22, 2014

Yasmin Kara

Dear Shama,.....I am reading each page on your website....It is extremely informative and soul-soothing ...Thanks.....God Bless

Email Aug. 27, 2014


Hi Shama.....seen your new additions on your website.....that's very good...have a nice time....God Bless

Email Jun. 27, 2014

Ruth Mbugua

...Thanks for sharing this and the poetry ... much appreciated... will try the recipes...

Email Jun. 18, 2014


Mrs. Butt,
How creative and wonderful of you to put this together. It was nice to see you again and - you have definitely not changed.
I shall definitely come back to this for more on the history of your family and your recipes.

Email May. 18, 2014


very nice website. I like La Cuisine - will help me a lot. Keep it up!

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19.11 | 07:25

You are so kind. Do see other pages on menu. You will enjoy. Bless you. Luvv.

19.11 | 01:25

Sad to know that Ms M Butt is no more. May her soul rest in eternal peace... Ameen ❤️

19.11 | 01:22

You were my favorite biology teacher. I never forgot you😊

22.06 | 09:34

Thanks dear arfa. Check out other pages on the menu. You will enjoy. God bless.

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