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Dear Friends, Thanks for your appreciation and encouraging comments. If my work can touch your heart and add value to your life, I will have succeeded in my aim to make a trivial contribution towards 'sadaqaa-e-jaria'.

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Kind Regards. Shama Butt

Email Sep. 6, 2013

Kandeel Butt

Proud to call you my Khala Shama!

I feel privileged to have read words from your heart. Beautiful stories, beautifully expressed.
I miss Nanoji too and know she is smiling with us always :) Lots of love xxx

Email Sep. 6, 2013

Lucia Ngugi

Hi,am happy for you and wish you all the best in life.I treasured the time we shared together and taught me family values.May God bless you and keep you and your family healthy.luv

Email Sep. 5, 2013

Anastanzia Miheso

Written by Mrs Anastanzia Miheso on 5/9/13

Hi Shama, Your website is quite wonderful. I miss you as a best, honest, responsible and one who always add value to my life.
pass regards to family.

Email Sep. 5, 2013

Mrs Tasneem Taherali

Hi my dear, I am so glad to have known you and now to keep in touch even when we are distant due to circumstances.

Tasneem Taherali

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19.11 | 07:25

You are so kind. Do see other pages on menu. You will enjoy. Bless you. Luvv.

19.11 | 01:25

Sad to know that Ms M Butt is no more. May her soul rest in eternal peace... Ameen ❤️

19.11 | 01:22

You were my favorite biology teacher. I never forgot you😊

22.06 | 09:34

Thanks dear arfa. Check out other pages on the menu. You will enjoy. God bless.

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