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Since we were kids, we loved to keep pets but we always had shortage of space in the house and Dad was allergic to them especially cats.  My brother once brought a small kitten home, tended to it till it grew so big, it looked like a cub! It would come indoors, sit on the beds and sofas to the wrath of our Dad. One day it just disappeared = we all suspected Dad had taken it in the car and left it some where very far so that it couldn't find its way back. It never did!

Then my brother got a stray puppy whom we all pampered and loved but never let it come indoors. When he was big he would wander out of the gate and disappear for days. One day it got hit by a car and died. We all wept.

My son is quite like my brother - he too bought a kitten when he was a teen-ager. It was a beautiful golden creature. It gave the whole family rashes on the skin because of its fur in the house. To my son's chagrin,we had to leave it at the KSPCA place for animals and pay them to keep it!

Little puppies were then gifted to my son. He loved them and cared for them but I had to feed them and see to their comfort in the kennel. When they were big, one died but the other two are still with us even now.

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