Fleeting Phase

Life, long or short, is a bitter-sweet experience,

Enjoy it while you can, cos it's just a fleeting phase;

Like a baby borne with pain unimaginable,

But a source of pride, delight, ultimate joy;

Like death, a sad, tearful end,

But beginning of another world, eternal bliss;

Like a good-bye, agony of separation,

But meeting of hearts meant to be together;

Like a child losing innocence, growing up,

But gaining vigour, youth, unexplored pleasures;

Like shattered dreams, unattained wishes,

But the glimmer of hope, distant light;

Like falling petals from withering flowers,

But sprouting of new buds from thorny twigs;

Like scary shadows of a stormy night,

But the bright dawning of another new day;

Like the seeds of hatred strewn around,

But feelings of passionate love conquering all;

Like anguish, anger, plight of war and terror,

But calm soothing pats of universal peace;

Like gloomy, dark secrets hidden away,

But glee of unravelled mysteries solved for ever;

Like wounds inflicted by swords, sharp words,

But the balm of healing scars etched on the heart;

Life, long or short, is a bitter-sweet experience,

Enjoy it while you can cos it's just a fleeting phase.

Stardust Will Do

Sometimes you aim for stars, dream big, but what do you get;

Pebbles at every step, throbbing pain - splinters in your feet.

When the going is low, obstacles galore and you have so little;

Even your own turn away, crush you - happy to see you suffer.


Tears are of no avail, they break you, make you feel so weak;

You become hard hearted, take slaps left and right - still in tact.


Plodding along, you still have the will to live, to survive;

You thud back to earth, if not the stars - some stardust will do! 


All I want is a simple life, with no craft or conniving;

A heart that says what it means,

And means what it says.

I seek a place with peace, serenity and real joy;

'Cos all this  technology and invention is a charade

That cannot give real satisfaction that I crave.

It's only one soul I desire -  to understand me,

To share, support and listen - to my problems.

Gems, jewels, properties mean nothing to me;

It's you that I wish to embrace, adore and cherish.

You, the light of my being, my precious one;

Don't walk away like a stranger, cutting all ties.

Don't break my heart - true love forgives all follies

So come back and let today be the beginning

Of a new hope, a bright dawn, a fresh start

For a common destination - our own little paradise.......

Mothers Day 11.5.14

Mum, I owe my life to you!

Cuddling me to your bosom, you cried for me;

Keeping awake all night, you prayed for me;

Sacrificing all luxuries, you cared for me;

Showering upon me,  unconditional love. 

Mum, I owe my life to you!


At times, I made you lose your cool,was rude,

Defiant and stubborn; I disappointed you,

You forgave, pampered me, made me eat,

With your hands, porridge and buttered chapati.


Mum, I owe my life to you!


When I lay, writhing in pain, you understood,

I was your baby, you - my adored goddess,

You consoled me, gave me the courage,

To persevere, take challenges, move on. 

Mum, I owe my life to you!


As I wandered on rough, thorny routes,

With little hope, a flickering out candle;

I wished to be like you - devoted, brave;

Your support and faith made me victorious.

Mum I owe my life to you!


You strived to keep the family together,

Nurturing the blooms to flourish in one vase,

But destiny scattered them, they withered,

Nothing is the same - only memories remain.


Mum, I owe my life to you!


How can I thank you for making me what I am,

For looking after me, my kids and every body,

Knitting, cooking, cleaning, singing and laughing,

Being there when needed, never complaining.


Mum. I owe my life to you!


Long departed, your beautiful face, radiant smile,

Your blessing hands still surround me, I miss you,

I can feel you in every breath of mine,

I want to hug you, lay my head on your lap,

And say, ' I love you Mum'.


Mum, I owe my life to you! 



copyright shama butt 

Little is Enough

Sometimes you crave, want so much; but little is enough,

You cannot have the whole sun; a few rays are enough.

You get so upset, irritated; you want to say 'go to hell',

But you smile, pretend, ignore; you still haven't had enough.

Why do you go on persevering, waiting, yearning,

Why don't you shout, complain, rebel; isn't this pain enough?


You still want to do so much;  wish for a lot more,

Don't ask for more time and chances - one life is enough!

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You are so kind. Do see other pages on menu. You will enjoy. Bless you. Luvv.

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Sad to know that Ms M Butt is no more. May her soul rest in eternal peace... Ameen ❤️

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You were my favorite biology teacher. I never forgot you😊

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Thanks dear arfa. Check out other pages on the menu. You will enjoy. God bless.

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