Live in the Present

Nestling in your arms, relaxing in the peace;

     Let me revel in your dreams!

Feeling your touch, giving you all I ever had;

     Let me slowly savour your love!

Paths so diverse, roads winding and rough;

     Let me dwell in your proximity!

Together now, things might never be same;

     Let me enjoy all your attention!

The past - flown away, future so uncertain;

     Let me live just in the present! 

Like a Rose

Like a rose embellishing a lonely, desolate abode,

Your prescence brightens the lives of many;

Like a star that changes a slow, reclining destiny,

Your smile lights up the dull paths of others;

Like the sun that waits patiently all night long,

Your embrace greets the glowing face of dawn;

Like the moon shining between the dark skies,

Your future awaits you with sheer joy and love;

Like a precious pearl hidden in the shell,

Your heart beats crave for the deserving one.

Come Back

When you are away, with every breath I pray for you;

You may be in the next street or hundred miles away,

Longer you are gone, more and more I long for you.

Being separated from you, is worse than death, I feel;

Times may be tough, there can be misunderstandings,

Inspite of ups and downs, we should be together, I feel.


Never mind what I said in anger, just come back to me;

Life is not worth living alone, so pointless, so bizarre;

I'm still in love with you and waiting, come back to me.

Glittering Hope

You are made to be cherished and loved;

Why do you choose to scorn and hate?

You deserve lilies, orchids and roses;

Why do you opt for dry, prickly thorns?

Smooth paths await you with open arms;

Why do you prefer cliffs, stones and rocks?

Smiles crave to touch your quivering lips;

Why do you shun them all with your tears?

The future beckons you with shining stars;

Why do you still cling to the gory past?

Joy n merriment is dancing all around you;

Why do you sink in the abyss of gloom?

Gather the pieces, make a fresh start;

Why don't you see the sun's glittering hope!

Together, Together....

Now that you are married, may you always stay together-together!

Cherish the times you are close, share joys and sorrows alike;

The bond you have is unique, exemplary; keep the passion burning;

No wealth is greater than love, make each other's heart, your home;

Secure your own little world, with peace, calm and understanding;

Let no storm take away your serenity, be confident, strong, positive;

There are bound to be ups n downs; hold hands and walk the paths;

Stars will lighten the way; your destination will be clearly defined;

Be best friends, overlook each other's follies, forgive, compromise;

Don't let your ego hinder desires of having a blissful, little family;

Life might not be perfect, but make it happy with joy and pride;

Couples are made in Heaven, may you always stay together-together! 


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19.11 | 07:25

You are so kind. Do see other pages on menu. You will enjoy. Bless you. Luvv.

19.11 | 01:25

Sad to know that Ms M Butt is no more. May her soul rest in eternal peace... Ameen ❤️

19.11 | 01:22

You were my favorite biology teacher. I never forgot you😊

22.06 | 09:34

Thanks dear arfa. Check out other pages on the menu. You will enjoy. God bless.

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