Still A Man's World

Centuries have passed, the new millenium is here;

But have things changed?

Man wants to be King of his house, get his own way;

Loves to be pampered,

He wishes her to be always at his beck and call;

Clothes ready, food hot,

The woman of his heart should be queen of his home;

Enjoying love and security,

So why does he mistreat her, belittle her, batter her;

Humiliate and scorn her?

She breaks her back being a good mother, ideal wife;

But he can throw her out,

He can bring her back conveniently, for his comfort;

She complies, she suffers,

For love's sake, she perseveres - bears his children,

Ignores his misdemeanours,

An epitome of sacrifice, she must maintain culture;

Home should never break,

Divorce is taboo, she would prefer to die in stead;

Her children are the priority,

They will understand when they are all grown up;

The tribulatons, the trauma,

And respect her for the courage and will power,

To keep peace in their life!

So serene, so calm.....

As I lie in shrouds of white, peaceful, quiet, so serene, so calm;

They come weeping, wailing, to shed a few tears of pretence;

With feigned chagrin, false masks, they hide in their hypocrisy;

In under tones, they utter empty, meaning-less condolences;

Have seen it all - honesty being punished, conniving rewarded;

Now that I am free from all jealousies, petty talk and gossip;

Lower me into my final abode with blissful stillness, silence;

I have no regrets leaving this world that suppresses innocents;

Manipulation is the norm, money worshipping is the power;

Slayers of humanity, traders of flesh roaming fearlessly, free;

Call me cynical, backward - I am better off without them all;

Missing only the ones who loved me unconditionally, I can go;

At last to a place of rest - peaceful, quiet, so serene, so calm....

Slavery - Will it Ever End?

Pompous me, slave to false pride, fake appearances and glitter;

Basking under the warmth of my own ego, selfishness and greed;

Submitting to the abnormal 'norms' of a hypocritical society;

Restless and worried with thoughts of what others will say;

Succumbing to demands of a ruthless lover, whims of a child;

Powerless - bewitched by demonic dreams, my unending needs; 

Always giving in to juicy gossip, ill will, anger and aggression;

Why can't I control my petty jealousies, enemity, wickedness;

Why do I slink into sweet sleep, sleazy comfort, complacency;

Can I break the shackles, and be free from the chains of vices;

This claustrophobia, this sheer slavery - will it ever end?

Flicker of Hope

O my ailing heart - let me have some more time;

Don't make the flicker of hope be smothered!

Pretty flowers that swayed with pride and gaiety;

Are now crumbling - exhausted and withering!

But new shoots are waiting to blossom and bloom;

Gruelling phase will ebb, joyous outcome is near!  

Vision blurring, strength ebbing - end inevitable;

The day is gone, darkness stealthily approaching!

A few breaths remaining - few heart beats away;

Eyes slowly closing, silent death is creeping over!

Persevere, wait a little, don't abandon me now;

Want to repent, forgive, worship some more!

O my ailing heart - let me have some more time;

Don't make the flicker of hope be smothered! 



20.07.2019 15:50

Thanks everyone for the appreciation. Check out the other pages. Enjoy.

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You are so kind. Do see other pages on menu. You will enjoy. Bless you. Luvv.

19.11 | 01:25

Sad to know that Ms M Butt is no more. May her soul rest in eternal peace... Ameen ❤️

19.11 | 01:22

You were my favorite biology teacher. I never forgot you😊

22.06 | 09:34

Thanks dear arfa. Check out other pages on the menu. You will enjoy. God bless.

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